Saturday, 24 January 2015

How to make friends and influence

Hello people,
Most of us got back to a bit of Edge of the Empire this Wednesday. It was kind of one of THOSE sessions. We were one down and started an hour later than normal, not that that's a huge issue.

Following on from last time out it was decision time as I asked the lads what they were looking to trade with Van Weston, local Bothan Intel-Broker, and for what. The answer was that pretty much everything was on the table in return for;
- a release from their indenture with HI-HI
- making things right with Gonk while keeping the Mynock
- a hyperdrive for the Mynock

This was however after they had travelled to the provided co-ordinates, which had re-filled the group's well developed sense of PARANOIA. Tanner cranked up the Triumph machine and quickly established that said co-ordinates were at the edge of the Persephone's attendant asteroid field well away form any major spacelanes.....hmmm!!

Flying casual the chaps came across a well loved GR-75 Transport at the appointed co-ordinates
sporting a number of modifications to the hull and a significantly reduced sensor profile.

Opening comms instructions were received toward a docking ring attached to a big lump at the fore of the GR-75 seemingly buried within the cargo containers. Agenai did the required and the Myncoc was soon latched into place....on the prow of the GR-75 which itself was outside their fire-arcs. No issues there then ;]

Having cautiously made their way through the airlocks, Sindori sent 7s through first as "Recon", they found themselves in a darkly deck-plated room with battle droids ensconced in each corner. In the centre was a dais which soon burst into life casting up a holo-image of Van Weston who greeted his guest with a curt "What do you have to offer?"

The following negotiations went pretty well by previous standards. Jared joined Van Weston's organisation along with a number of data slates and a couple of cryo-crates of bio-organic samples. In return Van Weston agreed to negotiate their release from their obligations to HI-HI as well as the release of the Mynock from Gonk. Van Weston also agreed to act as agent for their soon to be "Freelance" status.....say hello to the new boss?

Sweetening the deal Van Weston opened the GR-75's armoury to the chaps to the tune of 7'500 Credits. Brought up into the crew decks the boys got down to some shopping and dropping the 75 proving to well equipped as a mobile base of operations for any group of "Freelancers".

Suitably refreshed and re-equipped the 75's Thallosian first mate briefed them for their first independent assignment.

Drop the two cryo-crates to co-ordinates at the far end of the asteroid field. This time coordinates came with clearance and response codes.....a milk run surely ;)

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