Saturday, 10 January 2015

BIG day out.....again

Hello people,

Today was yet another trip out with Mr C to play a bit of X-Wing. This time out it was down at Wayland Games / Tabletop Nation for a three round tourney followed by a 60 point big ship bash.

Rocking up I decided to run my Lock-Jaw list:
TIE Defender - Col Vessery - Heavy Laser Cannon - Veteran Instincts
Lambda Shuttle - Ion Cannon - Fire Control System - Weapons Engineer - ST321
Academy TIE x 2

By the end of Round 2 I'd scored a total of 27 points, an A-Wing and an Academy TIE. Game 1 was my first brush with Han Shoots First (Han - 3CPO - Gunner) where I failed to go route 1 at Han. It did not go well!

Game 2 was an interesting Vader-Decimator / TIE list. Things went much better as I went straight at the Decimator. However.....I allowed the Decimator in behind the shuttle and Vessery overshot the big lad into multiple fire arcs only to roll a big bunch of blank green.

Game 3 was the complete opposite as everything clicked for me and went as wrong as it could for my TIE Interceptor - Phantom opponent. In the first turn of fire I one-shotted two of his of which with an Academy chap (now promoted).

As such I avoided the spoon to place 12 of 16. I also picked up plenty of ideas to hone my list, my flying and a  boat load of ideas for other lists. As much as I'd have liked to be a bit more competitive it was all a positive experience.

The big bonus of the day was that I picked up a prize, a B-Wing art card box, for Best Repaint which is very pleasing :) I also ended up winning the free raffle for a Tantive IV........WOW!!

Not quite sure to do with that yet. Maybe a re-paint! :)
A 4-way Decimator love in.....Stressful!

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