Monday, 12 January 2015

Tech Support

Hello people,

Last Wednesday night the vast majority of the group settled in for the first EotE session of 2015. In honesty it became one of those housekeeping and recovery sessions so common after a big fight.

First up came recovery which wasn't as simple as was hoped as 7s, the medi-droid, was in need of serious a medical facility rather than a workshop.

Perit had a crack but it just wasn't happening so he found a gurney and rolled him back out to the Mynock and plugged him in to recharge. He'd also taken the very unconscious Sindori with him, spooning 7s, and noticed that the Firespray had "watched" him as he trundled.

Tanner meanwhile sat down with obviously the recently used automated operating room and plugged in his Data-Slice. Once in Tanner went to work with a Double Triumph (Five for the evening) to access full records of the entire research programme.

Which an additional bunch of Advantage Tanner was feeling confident and soon had the recumbent Sindori on the table. I chucked in a Red dice for a potential Despair as Charlie winced.......for Tanner / Jon to produce another Triumph restoring him to full health and patching up both of his Critical Wounds, much to 7s consternation!

Moving on Tanner once again attempted to hack his way into Mr Cloak's Gucci Firespray. After some initial success it all went a bit wrong and it moved from passive defence to active, which most ostensibly involved the main guns tracking any given target, including. Yet another Triumph shut it down and saved a firefight with over-sized star-fighter.

At this point Tanner turned slightly diva and insisted on a proper nights kip to drop his Stress levels. This was fine with the rest of the chaps who set to work load the Mynock with anything of value that wasn't bolted down. It was at this point the Sgt Chung called 7s for an update...who lied badly and hung up on him.....three or four times. 7s / Mr C rather enjoyed himself......for now ;]

Agenai meanwhile (Ryan had been caught at work and hadn't managed to dial in) had been looking after a rather distraught Jared who was sporting a full length set of hermetically sealed bandages on his right arm. Tanner's recently acquired medical records showed that he had recently acquired a number of major high-end implants.

Prompting the conversation of "what next" the lads decided that it was highly unlikely that they could hold their current location and that various parties would be likely to turn up. As for Kanto, Tanner had interrogated the Space Traffic Control System, another Triumph, to establish that he had been at the research station but picked up about 30 hours ago by an independent set of "couriers" in an old Lambda shuttle "The Lazy Sow". Another quick call to Chung somehow established that the Sow had returned to Persephone and has recently left again believed to be heading for Khronos.

Talking through the options 7s sycophantic need to return to HI-HI was over-ruled in favour of striking a deal with Furzt Van Weston. Unfortunately it was 7s who made the call....without first deciding what deal they were after. With things quickly going into reverse 7s put Furzt on hold, who after a few minutes cut through the block and instructed them to meet him at as soon to be transmitted co-ordinates in 6 hours time.

The lads arithmetic worked like this; 1+1 = TRAP. We'll see ;]

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