Sunday, 4 January 2015

State of the Empire Address

Evening all,

As we're looking to pick back up with Edge of the Empire Wednesday night I thought I should recap events so far for all involved; myself, the group and all of you out there in the Geek-o-sphere that we hopefully entertain :)

After last time out the lads find themselves battered and bruised (nothing too new) in a bijou little covert medical research facility located in an off-station asteroid, though close enough for the shops ;)

The chaps are currently in the possession (temporarily or otherwise);
- The "Moody Mynock" a nag of a YT-2400 heavily converted for smuggling. Equipped with secure cryo-storage unit. Missing a hyper-drive....or escape pods.
- Mr Cloak's rather blinged out Firespray.
- Two crates of high-tech cyber implants, organs and intravenous liquid including a literal arm and leg.
- Three data slugs taken from a safe at McGregor's Self Storage (for the discerning crim). A full inventory, an unactivated cover credit chip and one more yet to be hacked.
- Partial downloads of the data that Kanto was blackmailing Ronsons with. Stuff about a bio-enhancement medical programme.
- A wild sense of paranoia manifested in a sycophantic protocol droid.
Along the way the chaps have made a number of contacts (hostile or otherwise);
- Staff Sgt Chung; their HI-HI contact / superior / drill Sergeant
- Furzt Van Weston; Bothan crime-lord / intel agent working form the Bothwai Bantha Revue Bar
- Gonk; cyber-intelligence enhanced Gamorean running a smuggling operation from Grey-17
- Dr Robotnic; a robed vaguely robotic figure operating a back alley tech chop-shop. Currently in the possession of 7-UP-0's "extra" hard-drive.
- Vin the Bin; sanitation consultant, skilled at refuse "collection and processing".

So, 15 XP to spend and a number of decisions to make....... I'm sure that'll go well ;)

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