Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Dance Card

Would you look at that I've actually added a new page! Nothing too stunning, a showcase page for my current gaming.

The last batch Tuesday night's at Enfield Gamers I've been playing through  the first three rounds of the club's Infinity campaign during I have insisted on making a bunch of school boy errors where I should have known better. My dice have also been pretty terrible early doors at which point I've found myself fighting from the back foot. Having said that against both Jon and Rob I've somehow come back to clinch last turn draws. Last night it was snatched by the last dice rolled, much to Rob's chagrin.

In honesty most of my mistakes came from not playing in a while and as such failing to pay attention properly. I must get back to regular games and as such that's kind of the point. X-Wing is my main game and will remain so for quite some time. I've invested a lot of time, effort and even international travel but got so much more back from it.

Infinity gives me the long term hobby project that I need, as well as being the Sci-Fi skirmish that I've spent so many years looking for. Netrunner adds an extra element of quick turnaround, low hobby impact gaming. It's far more than a filler game but it can do that if it needs to.

With three different bases covered I can see that being a template for the forseeable. Even within that triumvirate I'll need to juggle priorities. There's been a lot of competitive X-Wing recently but as I blogged recently it'll be far more casual until the New Year now. Infinity got some hobby love with Thunderdome but there are plenty of minis to get across the painting table with a few ships to break things up. The club campaign will get me fortnightly games at worst but I want to keep that up at the least.

With another local event day in a couple of weeks and a Team Tournament at the end of month Netrunner needs to be prioritised for current table time though I'm happy to take the slower learning curve there. As such I'm not going to be looking elsewhere for a while. I'll be tempted I'm sure and other games will rotate in and out such as SAGA and Dreadball. The magpie effect is notorious amongst gamers but the bases covered as they are it will be interesting to see how I hold out.

Pretty good so far ;)

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