Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Life on the NET # 6

So, Saturday is the Gaurdians of Tyr Netrunner team championship.
Deck lists are in. I've gone with a super-scorch NBN Making News and as a last minute change a Shaper Kitt-Paintbrush runner that I've played six games with so far.
As I'm just realising the true depths of my ignorance, especially as a Runner, the event should be an "intensive learning experience". Hopefully the bruising won't be too bad ;)
A lot of this is down to the fact that I'm currently seeing the game very laterally. I've been struggling for economy on both fronts recently so I've trimmed some non core strategy cards for more one off payouts. What I've played against a few times in the last couple of weeks are decks that generate economy off the back of their core Modus Operandi. These are often resources that trigger from other installs.
Even I can work out that this is far more efficient but due to lack of knowledge and experience don't know what works with what best and how.....if that makes sense?
For now I'm going to dumb down a touch while I learn better decision making. Kitt is already doing better for me as I have one core strategy that I've done my best to enhance rather than my Criminal decks that have had a lot of run options which have simply ended up confusing my thinking.
KISS to the MAX ;)

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