Saturday, 14 November 2015

Green Eyed Monster


I'm sure there aren't too many of US out there that haven't noticed this one creeping out into the light. Reaction has been mixed, as you might expect. Mine has been many shades of Green.

Initially I was suspiciously dismissive given my incredibly JADED (do you see what I did there?) veiw of GW over the last 10 year. I tried to be positive about the re-launched White Dwarf but I just couldn't manage it. It simply couldn't outweigh my contempt for the rules and gameplay becoming a race to the lowest commen demoniator of cash for WAAC at the expense of all the canon that enthralled me for so many years.

BREATH OUT.........

As I've mentioned before, GW and I parted many years ago on what I thought were mutual grounds. We'd both moved on to different places in our lives that no longer worked for each other. I play other, better, more grown up and efficient games that suit where I am and what I want from my hobby. GW has churned through any number of wide eyed acolytes during that time and become a proper, grown up company doing things that proper grown up companies do.

But now they've gone and announced the return of what so many of us loved best. Space Hulk now seems like even more of a tease than it became the second time around. I no longer have the time, money, effort for any of their offerings and then they go and pony it up to somebody else so many years after I, and mnay others, mourned it's passing. I'll admit it, I'm JEALOUS!!

How dare they sully my formative gaming years with Space Marine flyers, retarded Centurions and the moronic Lord of Skulls. Cracked open a bunker full of long forgotten STC data-slates did you? How dare they trample the second edition copy of WHFB that I pored all over as a kid, building it up to the ludicrous heights of End of Times with arcane scenery, bound monsters and stupidly huge kits only to smash it into pieces for Age of Sigmar.

And now you're going to pimp out my last ounces of nostalgia by re-launching my beloved Specialist Games as re-imagined boxed games that will a shadow of thier former selves at three times the price just so you can prop up your beleagured profit margins!!

Oddleg mad! Oddleg ANGRY!!! ODDLEG SMASHHHH!!!!!

BREATH OUT...........

An over-dramatisation to be sure, obviously..., but part of me is quite annoyed though I'm sure I don't really have the right to be. I really hope this to be the announcement that I, and so many others, want it to be but I really don't think I is.

As they say be careful what you wish for, but then is this something that I'm wishing for anymore? Possibly not ;)

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