Sunday, 20 December 2015

Happy Christmas to ME

Hello people,

Not a lot of hobby love going on recently outside of my traditional Xmas present to myself which this year was one of Micro Art's particularly excellent battlements for Infinity. A couple of the guys at the club have the District 5 versions so I went for the Wharehouse version for a bit of variety and I felt it fitted my scenery set better.
It's a bit more blue-grey than I expected though the buildings it on it fine and I'm sure I can darken my bases if I really feel the need. I've got a league game on Tuesday so it'll get a run out then, so to speak.

Meanwhile I need to get back to Rob's Tohaa. I've made a bit of progress and I really want to pick up those Geckos as guilt free as possible. Spirit of the season and all that :)

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