Thursday, 3 December 2015

Red or Dead

Well what do you know? Two posts in two days and for once not a card in sight ;)

This time it's PROPER wargames as I've finished off a few more of my Nomads, this time the Corregidor Alguaciles box set adding an HMG, Sniper, Missile Launcher and Grenade Launcher to the ranks. As a tooled up linked team of five they can, potentially, deal out some serious firepower.

I even got a game in Tuesday night as part of Enfield Gamers league campaign. These guys got left in the case, with thier whiff of fresh varnish they'd die horribly, as I tried out a linked team of five smoke grenade toting Jaguars and the Gecko mini-TAG as a step up from my regular Mobile Brigada.

Both did rather well, the Jaguars securing the Armoury objective, under cover of smoke, while the Gecko formed a mobile reserve shooting up a Haqq TAG that wandered into the open to evicerate my Intruder Sniper. In short, with some compliant dice, it all went swimmingly well and the Haqq were in retreat during thier final turn to take the game comprehensively.

We still got a few bits wrong but half the point of the league is to get in enough regular games to actually improve. That's been an objective for a while now ;)

So another 8 Painting Points on the sheet and I'm on a bit of a roll. Rob's Tohaa haven't been getting any love so I've set myself the target of having them all done by the time I go back to work after the New Year. Still no the greatest photos, these are from my phone which are a vast improvement on the tablet so I'll have to get the proper kit out soonish.

I work better under a bit of pressure :)

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