Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Life on the NET # 8

Hello people,

So after a bit of a battering a couple of Sundays back I'm set to repeat the strangely enjoyable experience again this Sunday at Warboar.

Having spent some time analysing my previous performance I've made the following tweaks to my NBN and Kitt decksMy Making News NBN deck ran both NAPD / Astro-train and Scorched Earth to try and give multiple win options. I ran quite a bit of fairly porous ICE with the idea of counter-striking with the ScorchesAt the club this had worked fairly well. In the wider Meta it struggled to do either reliably.

A couple of Sundays back Runners generally kept Grips of at least 4 to deny me one scorch kills and the double never came up. In hindsight that's just common sense. Meanwhile my fairly porous ICE struggled to keep a well set runner out long enough for the train to ever reach the station.
Thinking back I didn't do much resource trashing, once again concentrating on my own game rather than disrupting the Runner.

In the penultimate round a first turn Account Siphon left me crippled and struggling from the outset, proving to be a pointed lesson in aggressive running against lighted ICEd central servers. As a result I will be running Sparks Agency on Sunday with the aim of taxing the Runner to the eyeballs. The Astros remain along with Global Food and NAPD but Beale is another option.

With Kitt I've really enjoyed the Shaper play style. Playing Gordian / Paintbrush / Medium has come pretty close for me but struggled against multiple central ICE which became very Click and MU intensive. I also ran Magnum Opus for alternative reliable economy but more than once it stalled me as I was constantly clicking through on it which felt very predictable.
With a few recent additions I'm going to switch over to R&D Interface, drop Magnum and include a wider suite of breakers with Clone Chips to recycle Self Modifying Code (finally cottoned on to that one). Hopefully that will free me up to play a less predictable game.....hopefully.

I'm still really enjoying learning the game. Last time out I played against a number of IDs I'd not seen in action before whilst slowly inching my way up the learning. Both of the tweaked decks are relatively untested but I'm still going for a target of four wins.

With another three events in three weeks at the end of next month I'll be looking to try out a couple more factions. Now that I've picked up all of the Deluxe expansions I've got plenty of option to try and hit that four win target but if don' worries :)

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