Friday, 1 January 2016

End of the Year show

Hello people,

Just rounding out the year with my last bits of brush-craft. As some as you might remember my goal was to finish off Rob's Tohaa by the time I went back to work on Monday.

These chaps were finished on the last day of 2015;
The squiggle handlers haven't seen any table time yet but the viral sniper has been terrorising the club for a while now, especially me it would seem.

Another 12 Painting Points to round a fairly sparse year which, as I've previously discussed, has been as a result of the shift in my gaming. Without Infinity it would have been far less.

These chaps were finished today;
18 Painting Points is pretty good for Day 1 of 2016. It also earns me a pair of Geckos for my Nomads which, as a seemless segway, is my main project for the forseeable. Once everything is done I'll switch over to my some point. I'm sure that they'll be some X-Wing along the way.

More shortly I'll actually set up the camera and catch up with myself....honest ;)

Merry New Year :)

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