Sunday, 24 January 2016

Life on the NET # 9

Hello people,

It was the second double of the New Year as I pretty much moved into Warboar for the weekend with 6 games of X-Wing and 4 rounds of Netrunner today.

After a long day and late finish yesterday I was putting the decks together before sunrise this morning and once I arrived realise that two of my Corp cards were in Runner sleeves with no spares. As such I had to buy some sleeves and couldn't resist which point Mario was always going to happen to become my tourney sleeves ;)

As for the decks themselves I went with a new NBN Sparks taxation Corp and a revised Kitt Runner. I finished with three wins and placed 9 of 12 with a few well known faces in attendance.

Sparks pulled two wins despite suffering twice from early Account Siphons, though I managed to reset and give a decent game each time. Lots of timing opportunities and a deck I'll definitely be putting some time into. It was nice to play a different style of deck, patience being key. Quietly pleased with myself :)

My revised Kitt changed quite a bit, dropping Medium for R&D Interface and Magnum Opus for Technical Writer. I suffered for economy throughout and things rarely came together for me. Definitely back to the drawing board but I'll persist. Anarch were strong today and I also fancy giving Criminal another but I currently feel like I lack some of the stronger options.

Lots of options out there before the next run of events. I'll be looking to put gave a few more decks to try out by then. Just signed up to, another learning curve to take on and really enjoying it :]

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