Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Remote Control #1

Hello people,

Yes its been a while again but in honesty I haven't had too much of interest, relative term I know, or outside of the norm to rattle on about. Until now......

Last night I took a deep breath and put a Tunguska themed list on the table for a game of Infinity with Toby last night down at Enfield Gamers. Between the two of us we've had some pretty brutal games and this time I was going into it without the safety net of a linked team which have become pretty standard MO amongst the majority of us.

Tunguska and their Hacker / Remote heavy theme are what sold me on Nomads in the first place but I wanted to get to a half decent level with the game before taking the plunge. I've also managed to get in a bit more brush-time recently to finish off a few bits and get stuck into my Zonds most of which just now need final highlights (photos imminent). In fact all I've got left to finish otherwise are a pair of half done Zonds, a pair of Inventnors with Pandas, an Intruder sniper before I can treat myself to the TAGs to completely finish my Nomads and Rob's Tohaa. Scary.........
Trying out a 20x20 mission we had 4 turns to repair and escape in a battle damaged APC with bonus points for "inoculating" an enemy trooper with Zombie-Juice (patent pending). In honesty Toby needn't have worried as I turned up with half a plan, made a couple of marginal decisions and then got smashed by the dice, which amusingly was exactly what happened in reverse when we played a recent league game.

Running with an Inventnor, two support Hackers I went Zond heavy with a Gecko mini TAG as what I hoped would be overwhelming fire-power whilst Moran, Zero, and Spektr Specialists ran around doing all of the mission stuff. As I have no doubt intimated it didn't go to plan........

Toby won the WIP role and had me deploy first. I chose to go first to buff my two Reaktion Zonds and blast away. It was a bit of judgement call at the time and I was happy to trade off and then repair. Unfortunately his linked team Missile Launcher simply blew me off the table with superior dice. The two Reaktion Zonds  went first, though the Zondbots passed three Armour Checks each, though the worst blow was the Gecko taking a Crit and a further Hit with the Inventnor and a Salyut Zond right next to it perishing as well. After that it was just a case of mopping up from Turn 1 for Toby, though I did manage to pot a couple of his lads before I went into Retreat.
In hindsight, a wonderful thing, going second and acting on ARO whilst hiding everything else might have been a better call but I wanted to buff the Zonds and seize the initiative. With the dice the way they were I'm not sure it would have made too much of a difference.

I'm happy that my thinking was sound, it's a theory that appeals, I just need to work on the execution and maybe tweak the list around. Definitely a list to run a few more times, I'll just have to take the pain whilst I do so though at least it will be fully painted ;)

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