Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Remote Control # 2

Hello people,

I've not had too much brush-time to blog about recently but after a bit of an afternoon session Sunday and a few finishing touches last night I've finished up ALL of my Zonds / Remotes.

That gives me a pair of Reaktion Zonds, a pair of Tsyklon / Generic Zonds and a Meteor Zond to add to my already well loved Lunokhod Zond plus the Alguacil Hacker and Moran Massai.

That's 20 Painting Points thank you so much :)

It should also give me the kick in the arse to get the Tunguska list back on the table an hopefully work out what to do with them. ARO is my friend and I also want to be getting more from the Moran, Spektrs and Zeros, which I'm sure will take a bit of practice to get the best from.

The Iguana and Gecko TAGs are also well underway which along with Tunguska Interventnors and an outstanding Intruder Sniper will give me a fully painted Nomad force.

Scary times people!!

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