Sunday, 21 February 2016

Life on the NET # 10

Hello people,

Yes it's another Netrunner post and as I've just noticed that the series has made its way into double figures which confirms something that I already now, I've kind of fallen for this game in a big way ;)

So yesterday myself and Alex headed up to Wargames Workshop in Northampton for thier Store Champs which also doubled up as Round 1 of Gaurdians of Tyr year long Grand Championship.

It was first time out proper for my NBN Sparks and Criminal Ken decks though ive had a reasonable number if games with both. With a field of 28 we were guaranteed an alt art Jackson Howard, as well as a choice of two custom art card dividers, but that wasn't the best thing I came away with.

With four rounds my target was 2 wins for 4 Prestige. After the second round I'd gathered 5 prestige with two wins and a timed draw. Within that I'd played poorly for my first Corp loss and made a big mistake to miss out on the win in my drawn Runner game. As such I was feeling pretty chipper at lunch :)

Post lunch I found myself on the dizzying heights of table 5 and deity competing well lost the double. Final round I was feeling the brain drain and playing against decks I'd never encountered before which did not go well.

Overall I impressed myself and felt much happier with my decks and overall gameplay. I have no problem making mistakes as long as I learn from them. Other than a few tweaks for Ken, mainly adding Drive By to deal with Ash and Caprice it'll be same again next Saturday at Warboar.

The good times, the are rolling :)

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