Thursday, 25 February 2016

Big Boys Don't Cry # 1

Hello people,

Once again I have snuck in some brush-time over the weekend, all of it TAG related. Rob's Gorgos, and as such his army, is buttoned up as whilst my Iguana and Geckos currently hover at the 90% stage.

It's judge edge highlighting a touch of glazing here and there along with a bit of detailing......which is the BIG thing. The relative size of these guys alone makes them natural centrepieces to the wider force and I want to make the most of that. I've learnt with the rest of the army that a simple smooth scheme tends to work best, too busy looks awful on this stuff, it's a crucial balancing act.

I'm not the best with flat detail but I've got some sheets of Tau symbols / text and Dreadball numbers decals that will do the job nicely. The Tau stuff will be kept to a minimum, probably just text and maybe the odd bonding knife, but the numbering is a definite. I think it suits them well as military exo-suits.

With the Iguana I'm likely to re-paint the helmets, TAG and pilot, to match in with the tail which is currently a mid green that won't be staying either. From black / dark grey I'd like to bring in some green somehow to reflect the lizard angle but that's something to play with, possibly a stripe of dark green down each side of the tail and across the top of the helmet front to back.
A couple of Google image searches has brought up some inspiration but if you've got any to spare please feel free to let me know. Sunday evening will be the great unveil....

Until then :) 

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