Saturday, 9 September 2017

Points make Prizes?

Hello people,

So no flurry of update posts just yet, apologies, but the pipeline is charging up :) As well as getting back to gaming I've also got back to painting, both on a more casual basis than previously.

With the current re-launch I've decided to ditch the Painting Points. The past tally, on your right, will remain for posterity but is now in stasis. As my hobby shifted there was less to paint, which in turn saw Points drop, which then helped to accelerate the mild malaise.

In the last couple of months I've mainly been painting Armada, which is also generally less technically demanding, but without a particular plan or schedule. In the last week or so I've added a pair of Hammerheads to my Freedom Fighters and a bunch TIEs in response to Admiral Sloane's release and my intention to get her on the table sometime soon.

The foray back into 40K 8th has provided me with a longer term Hobby project, which has always been a major factor for me, but more about that next post :)

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