Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Fly me to the Moon....

.... and let me play upon the Death-Star. Let me see what life is like on Alderaan and Man-da-lore!

Ahem. So, as threatened, the Falcon is all finished.

Not that it's been keeping me up all night but I've been unsure as to how many PPs to allocate. As you can hopefully see she's a big old girl, the ship that is, but size isn't everything. The PP scale was set on how much time and effort any figure / project required.

The clip-kit went together in one decent evening's work, the minimal paint work took a liitle less. Another evening went on transfers, mainly considering what, where and how many [Side Note: I simply stopped when the balance looked right, which was with less than I had envisaged]. A couple of lazy evenings wash and weather work finished the job.

10 PPs is equivalent to 5 "standard" 28mm figures and time-wise i feel that that equates about right.

Please feel free to coment otherwise..... no Sith death-grips I promise :)

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