Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Reaching for the Skies!!

Do you remember either of these?

If you then, ermmm..... well done? No, really, well done they were two of my birthday presents, from July, and with a bit of a project gap it was they were the first of the many, many, MANY reserve items that I reached for.

I've always had a "thing" for he English Electric Lightning, my ultimate cold war jet and GB's premier suspersonic interceptor previously described as a huge engine attached to a fuel tank with a seat

Anyway, all built and awaiting paint. I'll be picking up one of GW's flying stems so that I can have it in a climb.... reaching for the sky! Big kid points :)

Another of Revell's pre-painted clip together kits, Mr Solo's pride and joy went together in a longish evening and isn't as big as I feared it might be.

I've left the top plate loose so that I can paint it in too parts. Not a full respray but I'll be adding some dark red sections and attaching various Future-Punk Tau transfers before a strong wash of Ogryn Flesh prior to drybrushed highlights / weathering.

Not sure how well the washes will take to the pre-painted finish so I'll need to mis up a big-ish pot of magic soapy wash.

May the farce be with me........ yet again!

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