Sunday, 31 October 2010

The Kids are Alright!!

Evenin' all!

This is the lad Simpson, Wasps' scrum half. His excellent solo try from the base of a scrum on the halfway line saw an ugly win away at Leeds. After recieving a sound thrashing at home from Northampton last week it was a very neccessary win, especially given the ever growing injury nature of our injury list. Meanwhile, after digging a large hole for a composter at lunchtime, I managed to grab a bit of brushtime this afternoon and finished off my white undercoated Ninja Kids :)

Overall I'm rather pleased with thier outcome and feel a lot happier about painting onto a white undercoat. It took a bit more effort and fore-thought than I've been used to but I feel that a good result has been achieved and the white robes were much less of a struggle than normal.

As they're only tiddlers, those are pennies they're mounted on, I'll claim 6 PPs for the four of them to round off the monthly total at 24.

With just one project left on the active list, for the moment at least, I'll be doing a bit of teeing-up for the rest of this week and whilst the missus is out tomorrow night I'll be reconnecting to the X-Box, though not literally. Wolfenstein or Fable II.......

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