Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Yusuf Mehmet the (potentially) Unstoppable

Last night's meeting of Enfield Gamers saw round 3 of the Blood Bowl 7s take place and having missed round 2 whilst on holiday I was a couple of games behind. Perfectly placed to raise the Bullz from the foot of the table!

Having added Yusuf Mehmet, my 2nd Bull Centuar, to the roster I was looking to apply a little muscle and score a few TDs.

First up were "Rob's Ratz" who obligingly had a horrific game repeatedly failing to pick up or pass the ball whilst rolling double skull on a number of occasions.

The CD contingent set to work laying a smackdown which caused a couple of casualties and an awful lot of KOs. As I've, painfully, learnt myself anyadvantage in numbers soon tells in 7s and Rob did well to keep the score to 3-nil.

Flush with success I then took on Mr C's Human "Salsa Queens" (undefeated) and soon came unstuck.

Initially, as the architet of my own downfall, I was too agressive with the B-Centuars not supporting them allowing the Queens to gang up on them. No significant eye scratching though!

A botched hand of to a BC, which would have seen him in space by himself, coughed up the ball and the Queens worked a well scored TD.

Dice then came into play and it was my turn to roll pure smeg whilst Mr C could roll no wrong. Karma eh? Grin, bare and stick the boot in when you can ;)

With a few turns to go I was 3-nil down and hadn't scored a single SSP. The Queens' kick went off the pitch for a touch-back so to see how well he'd go I gave the ball to Yusuf Mehmet.

The short answer was a mucular bundle up the pitch for a 3 turn TD and some saved face. The resulting MVP gains Yusuf Break Tackle which should enhance his ball carrying abilities....... just as long as I can get him to hold on to it!

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