Monday, 18 October 2010

Working the Chain Gang!

Bit of a quick one really (ooh er missus) with WIP shots of my Hobgoblin substitute Line-Slaves for the CD BB team (translation?). The shots are a bit dark but they've just been washed with Devlan Mud, which I now believe that I probably can't paint without!

Returning from hols I've been keen to crack on with them despite the eventual arrival of the Gobbo figures from Impact. They were waiting on the doormat just as I was gearing up to request a refund.

I'm sure I'll find a use EVENTUALLY but for now they are condemned to LEAD MOUNTAIN. They did however come with a pair of rather funky weather dice which I'm keen to find a use for somewhere, somehow.

I'm particularly pleased with the Coach figure I've worked up but he'll have to wait 'til the weekend whilst I work on his paint scheme. I'm probably just over-complicating again :)

It amuses me that half of them have been blinded in some way or the other and I think that they'd also do well as alternative Human or Norse Linemen........ hmmm :)

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