Friday, 15 October 2010

Playing the Role

Following the Turkey hiatus the shed saw some D&D action last night with electric heater newly installed.

As you can see we weren't short of a biscuit! For those hungry to know Hob-Nob Lights are tasty enough, though nothing compared to the full fat variety, but a little dry and don't hold up very well to tea. No foul though :)

Also in great abundance was some actual ROLE-play and mightily enjoyable it was to. Now that we can rattle along through basic rules it's an element that's been on the increase.

In short, this time round we / I had a change of plan and headed back to the Deurgar FORTRESS OF DOOM to make an assault.

This change was entirely in line with my character's (Halfling Rogue Tobias Flynn) outlook on life. In other words, I found an angle to do a deal, any deal just as long as it's a deal.... Basically, we gained the blessing of the local overlords and look to gain some loot and a potential business premises and partner with a local "entrepreneur".

Having previously rescued a column of slaves we sent them back home to Lord Big-Nob and received the assistance f some of his least fine warriors / cannon fodder. Delivering them as new "slaves" our trap was sprung and general melee ensued.

As the dust settled the Paladin said "The Prayer of the Fallen" quite a few times (ROLE-playing), I attempted to unlock various locked chests (ROLE-playing) and the Sorcerer collected a variety of ears (ROLE-playing) whilst the Ranger communed with his new wolven buddy (ROLE-playing).

Most entertainingly, the more nefarious members of the party were encouraging the Lawful Good Dwarven Cleric to keep the magical flaming mace recently procured from the Deurgar Lord. He knows that he shouldn't but we've been encouraging him "across".

He wants too,.. he really does but he knows he shouldn't and is wrestling with his conscience. That's ROLE-playing that is. Powerful stuff!! :)

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