Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Black and White or Shades of Grey?

Please don't worry I'm not about to indulge a spurious journey into the meaning of life or anything like that. It's all about the hobby!

Within said hobby there are many polarised points of view about just about everything. It seems to be a Nerd thing.
At the club last night I played two games of Blood-Bowl 7s. This wasn't the best start but I pulled through to a reasonably glorious 2-nil victory.

At least some of this was due to some very useful block dice rolls and, according to my gracious opponent, effective use of the Bull centuars.

The second game with dice honours even resulted in a rather less glorious 1 all draw.But a draw is definatley not a loss!The week before I rolled out my now fully painted copy of Space-hulk for the first time. Playing through the 1st mission three times saw the Blood Angels with little to celebrate!

Post game commentary often involves the turning points in any game and the chestnut that when your dice are having a bad session it's normally one way traffic!

Turning, eventually, to my main point another black or white subject of conention within the hobby is that of primer.Having been a possible hobby pro via 6 years employment with GW, possibly the biggest black/white topic out there, I've always considered white undercoat as being for proper pro-painters as it demands a higher level of skill and application.

For the record at least 99% of the figures that I've ever painted have recieved a black undercoat.

So with my project list short and uncertain I grabbed these little lads and lasses from the pile and thought I'd have a go at something DIFFERENT.

They're primarily intended for when we get back to Star Wars roleplaying and I want them to have a very 2000AD Hondo City sci-fi yakusa look. Lots of white robes.

The brow has been increasing deflected but the enjoyment so far has been tremendous. Always nice to add a little colour to life :)

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