Sunday, 7 November 2010

The Will to Win

Not too much achieved recently as it will all be bits and pieces for a while so instead you get a bit more filler / witty insight. The choice is yours :)

Rugby Union: England went down to to the All Blacks but they played well and put up a good fight. McCaw's boys were pushed in to committing a number of infringements in the last 10, and got away with the majority, but that's just top level pro sport.

At the end of the game what cheered so many fans of the red rose was that it was a COMPETITIVE performance and, as a fan, you can't honestly ask much more. It's why you watch. At the top end its often about "who wants it more".

Competitiveness within the gaming community is often a far more divisive issue. Specifically, where is your line, how much do you want to win?

Obviously this is a matter for each individual gamer, but one that many can get particularly defensive and / or vociferous about.

Personally, I LIKE to win, who doesn't, and always TRY to take a loss with good grace. I can find it harder to take said losses when, for whatever reason, I take a proper shoeing but I always TRY to have the same good grace when, for whatever reason, I dish one out.

Over the years I've irregularly attended plenty of campaign and tournament weekends, with varying results. The investment in time, money and effort for such events is substantial and I've found that taking a shoeing at such an event REALLY sucks.

Having always considered myself a "casual", yet regular, gamer playing and painting, a significant aspect of the hobby for me, primarily for FUN this was when that I decided, for myself at least, that there is nothing wrong with playing competitively.

Competitive games are the best and most enjoyable that I've ever played. Competitive for all involved that is!

These days I tailor my play to whoever may be good enough to give me a game. Push rules at me and I'll push them back, assuming that I can, show me latitude and I'll actively seek to return the favour.

Personal choice but for me it really is only a game :)

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