Friday, 19 November 2010

A Show of Arms

It's turning into a particuarly good gaming week.

Last night was a bit more D&D and after resting up we began our assualt on THE WELL OF DEAMONS (eeek!) by, eventually, beating up Ghasts, Wall-Crawlers and a few Gnolls.

Despite having just pinged up to 5th level we took a while to work ou the kinks before eventually hitting our well oiled groove. Part of that is down to how many "buffs" Rob's Dwarven Cleric can kick out.

"Bull Strength"-ing MrC's Paladin is akin to giving him a huge steroid shot. He seems to be getting into the rage side quite. It all probably means that this way a huge beastie comes!
We shall see.

Tuesday night was open gaming down at the club and the chance to try out FUBAR, a free set of rules that in thier entirety cover two sides of A4.

Going for a bit of WWII Pacific action, Shaun and I attempted to defend our attol from those horrible USMC types, commanded by Rich and Charlie.

In short we failed and at that rather horribly. It WAS mainly down to a mismatch of forces and a misunderstanding about bunkers, honest, but it was a good nights gaming and the rules work simply but well but still dispensing with I Go You Go. Result!

Meanwhile TFI Friday rules as I'm off to Twickers tomorrow for the Rugby and then Reading on Sunday for Warfare, which will be only my second show of the year.

Really looking for both. Pies and inspiration all round then!

All good :)

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