Thursday, 29 August 2013

Where's my Doughnut??

Hello people,

No gaming this week unfortunately as I was a way with work for a couple of days and Dark Heresy got cancelled as a couple of the boys got kept late. No big deal just happens but it does mean that rather than another dose of blamanche doughnuts you get a bit of random-ish chatter.

Striaight to case from painting station?
As briefly mentioned previously I'm almost through all of my Dreadzone teams, it's down to just highlighting up the Forge Fathers and finishing off the MDF pitch. After that it's LOTR Orc, Uruk and Gobbo time until the Zombiecide horde arrives on the doorstep.

With season 3 of Dreadball rocking up I'll be going for the Nameless, cos tentacles are cool, and probably Teratons, cos who doesn't want teleporting space dinosaurs. With all of that I'm pretty tied up hobby wise in general.

As what I now assume to be a knock on I find myself watching any number of other KickStarters come and go.

There are plenty that have piqued my interest, I recently got very tempted by Incursion, it looks great, the fluff appeals, it's a proven game and I'd get a shedload of figures that I would really enjoy painting up and hopefully get plenty of use from......hopefully!?

Thinking about what I've already got, in cases, in the painting queue and the mountain genuinely put me off adding another box or two into the mix. Looking for cons it's a 2 player boardgame for a minimum $100 plus $35 shipping, going to $195 all in with the SNAFU expansion that I'd want to go for, that feels like a BIG outlay for what I'd seem to be getting back.

In short after backing two projects and jumping on the back of a third I seem to have fallen out of sorts with KS. I just seem to feel a bit jaded with the whole thing especially as it seems to be mainly board and card games coming through recently.....not REAL wargames, which is another topic I've been circling around recently.

I'm sure I'm not really looking hard enough to spot any number of other projects but I'm also not feeling the want or need to. Does it feel like KS is encouraging quick hit one trick ponies or is it just me. Carnavale got pulled as did Antares (very different I know) and I don't intend to re-hash previous commentary but have the naysayers been proved right?

This interests me big-time
As part of my feeling to drive back to what I've known before (the circle of gaming life?) it would be nice to just go and invest in a nice honest product from a nice honest producer. I've has my eye on Hasslfree's expanding White Ops range with growing temptation to use as a catch-all proxy force while Battlefront's apparently upcoming Fate of a Nation would take me somewhere new that I've always wanted to go, though I'd probably go 10mm to cover it all myself.

I'm sure KS hasn't suddenly had it's day for gamers but has the KS phenomenon seen to it that certain games just can't thrive on there? Fast Game Nation??

Just a thought, would be keen to hear yours :)

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