Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Back to (Old) School

Evening all,

Bit of a meander this one but last night down at Enfield Gamers I came across something of a revelation, though it may have come across me... I never seem to know with these things ;)

Rocking up with no definate game booked I wasn't required as standby for the X-Wing campaign so scoffed my Tursday night shish over Shaun's shoulder as they set up for a run out of the new Star Trek.

Now I'm far more Wars than Trek, especially next gen, and as previously mentioned I've decided to pass on X-Wing.

I'm also aware that the latter game is a close clone (pha-naar!) of the former and has caused Geek-Rage by muddling timelines into one single collective (ba-zinga!).

Being the curious type that I am I ignored the game itself and cut straight to the nub;
Q: Can I be Klingon and spend all game giving orders in said language, badly?
A: Yep
Q: Can I cloak?
A: Yep
Q: Are there tribbles?
A: Yep and they're a pretty cool event card.
Q: Can I be Khan?
A: Yep

All of these were damned good answers produced a reaction of "cool" that X-Wing simply couldn't force (groan!) from me ;)

I didn't stay on for a game playing a big old game of Space Hulk instead. Mission 10: Defend where I managed to snatch defeat from the saliva fanged jaws of seeming victory (enough yet?) but at some point I'm highly likely to. The main proviso will be that I'd much rather play Kirk and Khan rather than Picard and poncing about having solved all of humanity's evils.

So finally arriving at my point I seem to be a fairly old school Geek. I like a bit of grim, grit and, dare I say it reality, with my sci-fi or at least something credible in the character behaviour, I suppose I find that easier to relate to.

Don't get me wrong new isn't always bad, Enterprise did the job for me big time as well as the prequel movies. BSG was rapturous including the episode when they simply ran out of water.

Zombicide got backed big as a fresh new way to do the Zed thing and I'm all for innovation within the hobby but I do seem to go for the retro themes. Space Hulk? Blood Bowl? Oh yes indeedy!

At 38 much of this seems to hark back to my hobby youth and though I've enjoyed expanding my geek horizon over the years I've definately becoming more discerning with my D6. Nothing to be ashamed of just nice to know what sort of geek I am. 

So the question beckons, what sort of geek are you? ;)

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