Wednesday, 25 September 2013

In Space no-one can hear you.....

.......well whinge, prevaricate and belly-ache mainly!

So with ManFlu+ locking s-foils and moving into attack position on Wednesday night the latest chapter of Dark Heresy opened upon us. 

Moving on at a fair crack we found ourselves summoned by Baron Harkonnen  into orbit upon one of the Emperor' cruisers. With some theatrical flare we found ourselves addressed in his state room overlooking a small fleet of similar vessels to be told about about the sudden and rather pesky in-system appearance of a space hulk that was headed straight for the capital world of Scintillia.

"Oh dear", we chimed," how lax of the local rear admiral. Maybe a restorative thrashing was in order while the pleasantly placed fleet bombarded it to pieces? Thanks for letting us know we'll be off to watch from a more rimward position!"

"Ah no", lilted our host, "this is no ordinary hulk. Scans detect the psychic presence of a Ordo Malleus colleague lost 600 years ago with the ancient sword of kick-ass".

"But wait", I suggest, "my Forbidden Lore: Warp tells me that even if it is her she's definitely a bad 'un by now. And what's that you say, 15 hours to impact? No time for the local Astartes then.....schuks :("

"Ahh", Harkonnen beams, "that's where you're mistaken, meet Brother Sergeant HardAsFeth of the Deathwatch to lend a guiding hand!"

In an inspired burst of ROLE-playing a great deal of knashing, wailing and doomsaying broke out. We did manage to each secure a set of borrowed carapace armour to go with our incredibly durable vacuum suits and an auspex for that Alien "they're in the room" moment. So despite several attempts to wander away as the group we were herded down to the launch bays and firmly installed onto an assault boat barely daring to say a word in case BS-HAT found one of the many possible reason to shoot us for heresy.

Strangely I convinced BS-HAT to allow me to pilot the assault boat and after several attempts at stalling the thing eventually set of as slowly as possible towards impending doom.

Suitably encouraged by a 2.5 6 metric tonne killing machine I eventually found 5th. Suddenly laser fire streaked towards us, I engaged defencive pattern Delta only to realise my Piloting (Space) skill wasn't the trained variety.................and failed by a massive 80%!!!

Once we'd stopped laughing ourselves hoarse and Mr C climbed down from the blamanche ledge BS-HAT shoved me sideways into the plexi-glass as he took the con. At this point I noticed the sleek dark shape of another ship racing us to the hulk.........

Finally boarding "The Twilight" we had a mapped route to wend out way along and set off as close to BS-HAT as he would physically allow, we would have ridden him into battle if he'd let us.

Encounter wise first up were a triumvirate of what turned out to be Warp-beasts which between fear checks and their shift ability proved confusing enough for a brief touch of friendly fire whilst BS-HAT waved around a Thunder Hammer to little effect. Eventually Rob's shotgun found it's point-blank mark which seemed to inspire BS-HAT to finally pulp his with a single hit. Collecting up one of the wee doggies spiky collars we moved on.

Second up was a ghostly floating little girl, who stumped BS-HAT in particular though she barely came up to his ankle guard. Unable to work out how she appeared we eventually reverted to just asking her only to be told that "they are coming" before she faded out....

Powering up the auspex, Charlie located a single 'blip' following us along and then lying in wait. Unslinging his now beloved Nomad sniper rifle Ryan suddenly got all keen and crept forward stealthy like! Finding that his prey was a humanoid in shiny black armour with male model looks and pointy ears he needed no encouragement to squeeze the trigger....and palpably shatter a leg. With our lad still squirming there was a short debate as to taking him alive...followed by a final shot to the chest.

Digging through his sharpened crystals and artful tattoo designs we came across an amulet with a sharpened sickle etched into it, as in that of the Serrated Quarry.

HANG ON A MINUTE...didn't we come across this lot mixed up with the Joyous Choir? Surely this isn't a LINKED ADVENTURE???

The lights went out :/ 

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