Sunday, 22 September 2013

Pushing Plastic

Hello people, apologies for my apparent disappearance, for those of you who may have noticed, but I had last week off work an as such quickly succumbed to ManFLU+ which ate up four days.

Pre MF I did at least manage to get a bit of gaming in. Tuesday night at Enfield Gamers I "helped out" making up the numbers playing through a few games of Star Wars: Attack Wing as a few of the lads attended the day event at Dark Sphere yesterday.

It was one scenario on the day involving an attack on Deep Space Nine featuring an extensive number of particularly vicious minefields and the potential to beam aboard DS9 itself to activate it's weapon arrays.

I borrowed a mixed Cardacian / Breen fleet with just the one upgrade and only rank 1 captains so as to keep things as simple as possible and see if that was a viable fleet strategy.

First game was against Paul's Federation fleet of 2 Galaxy class and 2 Miranda class with both Picard and Riker about the place. It was first time out for Paul with A-Wing though he's a club regular in the X-Wing campaign.

As Paul edged through the minefields I charged for DS9 realising I wasn't loosing anything of a captain on the station as compared to Ol Slaphead or Beard-Boy.

In the end the additional firepower was too much for the Feds and I took a relatively comfortable win.

Second game of the night was against Mr C and his obviously maxed out Romulan fleet of close formation cloaked-firepower. Once again I charged for DS9 while I avoided his flying wedge as it made its way through the minefields.

Picking my moment I made my turn, lined up my loose one battle cruiser for no return. Running back to the cover of DS9, it's guns once again came to my rescue and spelt Mr C's doom much to his chagrin as in his first game he'd tried much the same only to have Rich J blow it out form under him!

In short I'm rather warming to X-Wing / A-Wing, especially playing with others figures. A-Wing seems the more "complete" game but Star Wars is still cooler despite its obvious factional limitations.

Meanwhile Rich J took a clean sweep to emerge victorious at Saturday's tourney with his Klingons. Mr C came home with one win........a bye....oh dear ;/

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