Monday, 16 September 2013

Mind Bullets??

Hello people,

We've moved Dark Heresy to a Wednesday and are lined up for our latest installment this week.
Finishing off last time we all picked up a decent lump of XP and set about the level up spend.

For Jynx this meant hitting Psy Rating 3 and pushing up my Willpower in becoming a big boy Psyker with access to major powers and something of a choice as to which specialism he wanted to follow. First thing was the branch in the career tree to go Militant or Savant. Thinking of the group as a whole, it does happen occasionally, I went Savant for the more thinking skills and bonuses as we do have a decent amount of grunt within the group.

After that it was which specailisation to go for which I pretty much decided by reading the fluff paragraph. Biomancy had been recommended to me and looked interesting but didn't fit Jynx's Skeletor like physique.

Pyromancy was all far too one dimensional, and I'm sure I know how to strike a match :) Telekenetics was a bit shooty in a different but then Telepathy......fecking with people's minds to get them to do what you want.....Dance Puppet, Dance!!

That'd be the one then!

So it's Teek-a-clock with just the one major power, Compel to play with for the moment. Thinking back to B5 telepaths seemed to have all the fun with a wonderful sense of superiority over the norms that I'm sure that Jynx would revel in. You never know it might even be a way out from under the puritan Inquisitorail brand or may deeper towards a more radical outlook.

I feel a whole load of fun coming on, possibly Blamanche coated.

Look into my eyes! :)

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