Thursday, 8 August 2013

Positively - Mental - Attitude??

Evening people.

I got some games of Dreadball in Tuesday night down at the Enfield Gamers, three in fact, with my Veermyn taking on Rich J's Dalek Robots. 

Took me the first game to remember how to play and did well to only loose by one point with Rich caging up the ball at the last to keep it from me :)

Second game I somehow pulled off a landslide, diametrically opposed dice gods may have helped, before the series decider went back to a narrow one point loss again.

All three were good games well contested with an excellent gaming buddy. For me it was well needed as I've been feeling a bereft recently. I've been happy enough with plenty of roleplay and fun games but my "wargames" itch had built up to something of a crescendo.

I was having a bit of a whinge at Mr C about it just the other day as in that I was playing games but not always the ones that I'd prefer to. All gamers, gaming groups and clubs (not necessarily the same thing!) go through cycles and mine had just got a bit out of sync. I self diagnosed the symptom of painting figures, happily enough it has to be said, that I was then putting straight into a case :/

So well needed as I said, the bottom lip retreated which was when I realised it had crept out there in the first place. It was at this point I decided that as it was MY bottom lip it's MY responsibility so I'd best do something about playing those games that I'd prefer to.

X-Wing is getting big at the club recently which is a good thing, just not my thing. As such I'm going to dig out Space Hulk and get some use out of the figures that I so enjoyed painting up. PMA my friends, sometimes our hobby seems to lack enough of it!

On that note what's this I hear about the apparent desolation of the Dreadball tourney scene? Unfortunately I couldn't make it to the day at Tabletop Nation the other week. Apparently it was a field of six with three pathfinders and a staffer,...which leaves two actual punters?

Hate to say it but kind of glad I was busy, wouldn't have been impressed with that one. I know there has been a fair bit of "healthy debate" with the Judwan and some of the rules. I tuned out once the froth reached Whinecon 5 but each to their own. Apparently there's a fix coming with Season 3, though I would have been more than happy without. 

If you fancy a game then look me up i'll always be keen. Was chatting to Rich last night about a joint X-Wing / Dreadball tourney day down at the club.

Watch this space people and remember to stock up your PMA!  :)

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  1. In the second game it wasn't just the dice gods to be honest (although you went from missing every strike to scoring every) it was more my change of tactics - in the first game blocking the 3/4 pointer zone looked to be a waste of time and nearly cost me the game. So in the second I tried to just outscore the opposition - which against verrmyn normally works but in this case failed. Not helped by me missing everything including easy passes I suppose.

    Still love the Dreadball - shame Jake didn't take his idea to some other company though who would have done it and supported it properly !