Saturday, 17 August 2013

Roleplay Week: Thursday

Evening all,

So,....the finale or Roleplay Week was a long awaited session of Dark Heresy last night and our first since our recent Custard Doughnut moment. After four weeks Rob had pretty much calmed down but it was still going to be interesting.

So re-capping we had an invite to a Choir afternoon workshop, possibly involving raffia giraffes, followed by another Choir social at the behest of Lady B who we were particularly keen to have a chat with about the xenos-spiced-people-drug-wine, it's a particularly good tipple.

Stepping off the plotline railroad we first headed back to our local mid-hive church for a session of enlightenment and possible basket weaving. Ryan, as fake noble, hadn't been able to make it so with Jynx horribly hung over on xenos-spiced-people-drug-wine I ran him ;)
I DID state before we went in that my plan was to be as obnoxious as possible to produce a reaction from the local priests and I succeeded in spades with Rob ably playing his part as strongarm of the Lord in another, apparently futile no-dice, attempt to acquire a xenos happy-meter. So well did we play the card that a squad of ten local filth turned up with an Orange Blamange cease and desist notice, enforced by shotgun.

Further refusing to get back on the plot-line railroad we set off to Lady B manor to have a chat but she wasn't in. Tracking her down we couldn't get in there either, another no dice shocker, so we just sat outside the front gates and refused to leave. Eventually she turned up though strangely with the same ten local filth, though this time with an Orange Blancmange get on with it notice.

Climbing back on board the scenario we got dudded up for the evening's entertainment which turned out to be a snuff theatre production at Joyous Choir central for all of Hive Sibellus' greatest and not so good.

Scanning about we located two sets of stairs leading back down the spire to what I scanned to be a psychic void guarded by some large types in well filled combat bodysuits and chunky pistols. Turning our attention back to the play we soon worked out that the victim role was being played by a drugged yocal, which was something of a tradition around these parts.

Determined to spoil the party and create a distraction to get down the stairs we discussed tactics and went for a Spasm at the would be knife-man, who we soon came to know and hate as Elsergi Krin. We had thought about trying to clear the place with Fearful Aura but decided it was a bit too much even for us.

Making a big effort to get the timing right we dropped Krin just to have him stand straight back up and shiv el victim without even a blink, much to Mr C's obvious delight "that's the rules". Add a doughnut to the group's pack!

Fear checks all round and most of us fail including myself. Spotting this Krin strolls up through the crowd of sycophants and picks on the skeletal, paranoid, black hearted psyker wearing motley with something of an inferiority I did a mocking little dance and sang "See the little goblin, see his little feet....etc" at which point I found myself being escorted to a nearby combat pit for a little after show entertainment.

Though the duel was billed as first blood, there was no way I was having that or a stand up fight, I DID state my intent to give Krin a shivving much as he had for el victim, time for the downtrodden to bite back!

Spasm got Krin to the floor but only gave me +10 to hit against my -10 for being royally hungover, "that's the rules", equalling a big bad miss and another doughnut moment. Krin gave me a clump without drawing blood before I then Perils of the Warp'd myself into unconciousness for a few minutes. Coming round Krin showboating I mocked him into a secound bout and went at it.

This time Krin got the drop on me and drew blood, I returned the favour but once again the rules demanded that I formalyy a Spasm and a las shot to the leg left him howling along with Mr C who produced a squad of ten local filth with shotguns and shock mauls to escort me from the premises. Can you fill a doughnut with blancmange?

Meanwhile....the lads had snuck downstairs to find a set of now empty cells within the apparent null field so had probably been used to hold captured psykers. On the way out they kept on making, and intially failing, awareness tests until they spotted a robed type talking to Karlos Scholl, the head of the choir. Somewhat fortuitously with all the commotion they noticed a new bionic eye on Mr Robe, as if he'd recently been shot in the head by a high powered sniper rifle, and overheard a conversation "I've made a fortune for your masters on Ambulon".......aahh next stop is obvious plot device! ;)

Unsurprisingly we were suddenly required to report back to Baron Harkonnen who informed us the Ambulon is an ancient walking city that potters around the wastes mining something or the other critical to the Imperium, as such constructs seem to do.

Fairly sure where we're off to next :)

Oh and if you'd like to have a go at making your own Blancmange ..........

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