Sunday, 4 August 2013

Here come the........Girls??

A quiet weekend which allowed me to finally got a few more Dreadball figures finished off;

First up are the Cho-Sin Cheer-Squad. I kept these ladies in a simple black and white, the same as my head coach, to allow me to use them with any team, should the opportunity arise. I almost left the glow-globe pom poms off but they looked worse without out. I used layers of wash and stippling to try and build up a sort of electro-glow feel to them. Rather pleased actually :)

Ludwig got painted up as a test figure for my Z'Zor. Orginally I tried to go for a green/blue shadow upto yellow edge highlights which I simply couldn't make work. Playing around I tried a red/pink belly/ central stripe which seems to have worked far better.

Based vaguely on the colours of the green stink beetle I present the MVP for the Reek-Hole Redbacks, which is close enough to Rico's Roughnecks to give me a sideways giggle ;)

I played around with Reek, as you do, but always wanted a fluro Green/Yellow and worked all the contrast colours from there. As my team of the moment he may just see some game-time sooner rather than later.

Last, but far from least, with the Judwan the current super-team ripping up the DB tourneys, apparently, I couldn't resist an overly obvious Superman scheme which painted up in less time you can KNEEL BEFORE ZOD!!

So 14 Painting Points to open the monthly account. Just the Z'Zor, Forge Fathers and the pitch for a fully painted least until Season 3 which is likely to be Nameless plus one. We'll see :)

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