Wednesday, 31 July 2013


So, so true ;)
Surfing on over to Rich J's blog the other day I came across THESE self help points to better roleplaying. As you may have noticed it's a subject I've been meandering around for sometime now.

With our recent disagreements / misunderstandings within the Dark Heresy group I've been "searching my feelings" as to how I roleplay and how close I can sometimes tread to the line of being a difficult or disruptive player, even if just percieved as one.

So I've been thinking back through a number of my more recent charcters and the types that I tend to play and they mainly seem to be Rogues......

In D&D I've played several thieves over the years the most recent, with Jon, being a particuarly irrepressable Halfing version with a wide Oi'rish accent and the need to strike a deal whenever possible called Tobias Flynn.

Over time I've grown to particuarly enjoy the softer skills of the silver tongued con, to achive a result without use of a +1 Mace. It's a skill I have a little of myself and really pushed to the fore with Tobias. I think I'd also have to admit that as I've roleplayed more I've focussed more on role and more recent characters have been more strongly characterised and theatric.

Difficult or misunderstood?
Turning that around I rarely play any form of Warrior type as I just find them too one dimensional, Clerics too pious / boring and Mages too fragile. I've even found a similar theme as a GM, no great surprise really, and often prefered to stitch up my players than smack them about.

Realising some of this I have decided to try and broaden my scope. My Dark Heresy Psyker, Jynx, is the first mage type I've played though he still often ends up as chief interrogator. I use similar skills professionally and this has been commented on within sessions. Having struggled with him, in many ways, I'm now finding my feet and skill set.

Another first, on several levels, Rich J ran a pre-gen Star Wars session on Monday night across Google Hangouts for which I deliberately picked the Trandoshan heavy.

The Droid Bounty Hunter was probably a more effective gun-man but my lad had something of a disgraced noble warrior background to him that I felt gave me more to ROLE with (Sorry ;]). Have to admit that I enjoyed the character and the change of pace, leaving others to the gab skills.

Cute or cretin?
 To finish off, last night down the club I self generated another Star Wars character, this time a Droid Mechanic / Slicer with all the technical skills plus a bent for deciet, deception and blackmail but without any soft skills at all. I was thinking semi evil Kryten but we'll see. So pretty much another Rogue type but the loveable ones that I normally go for....likely to be more of a challenge ;)

So, in eventual conclusion I most enjoy ROLE-playing silver-tongued rogues, a.k.a annoying gits, which, probably, draw me closer to that to the line of being a difficult or disruptive player, even if just percieved as one. I'll admit that I seem to have developed a bit of a reputation in that regard which probably hasn't helped a number of GMs, especially Mr C, but once again its all down to that game contract and level of understanding that I've been on about.

Many of my fellow gaming group read this blog and I'd be keen to hear what you have to say......honestly ;)

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  1. So long as you do what your character would do it can't really be classed as disruptive. If a person is an annoying little git in real life people just don't play with them and the same will happen in a game surely.

    GMs have to roll with the flow of the group surely. I don't think I have gm'd one game of EotE yet where things have gone as I would have preferred them too.