Wednesday, 10 July 2013

It's good to talk :)

Hello people.

All roleplay last week, Star Wars and Dark Heresy, with not a shot fired anywhere! 

Plenty of schmooze and booze on Tuesday night at Enfield Gamers as Rich continued the Star Wars campaign. On the run with prices on our heads were made an offer everyone knew we couldn't afford to refuse. Read it all HERE in Rich's own words. Lots of soft skills on display which work really well with the Advantage / Threat dice system.

Thursday night was more of the same as we opened a new chapter of DH. Happy to say that we've all bedded in much better with this one and have got used to working with the system and each other much better. Plot-holes are still there but they cause much less of a bump these days ;)

Finding ourselves on a light transport we were summoned past two heavily armoured lads to a meeting room. Half expecting a corporate team bonding event run by an over enthusiastic facilitator we were informed that we were to bestowed a singular honour. Hoping for gold, riches and wealth, we're simple folk, we actually got to meet our inquisitor.....

Not quite the "treat" we were all hoping for Ryan quickly got stuck into him about his previously close friend Aristicus and took great delight describing his demise. For once I stayed pretty much silent and checked for gas vents.

As has occasionally been the case we viewed our host with a mix of trepidation, mild hostility and suspicion. Our lad ranked well on the corpulence-o-meter, having lost his legs and one arm replaced by bionics, squeezed into a black ribbed body suit and strapped to some form of personal repulsor unit. So,....Baron Harkonnen then... "bring me that flying fatman".

I know he has a proper name but that's the one were rechristening him with. On a side note what is it with NPC names in pre-written adventures? They're so often Bill and Ben level.

Back at the point we cheered up with the offer of some free kit / filthy lucre which in my case would supplement my haul from Aristicus' crispy fried ashes ;)

Once The Baron could get us to settle down again we were briefed to investigate a number of disappearances on a hive world (insert name here). Mainly from the noble houses our abductees were all members of a certain choir who were gaining recognition within the official Imperial creed. As such discretion, subtly and stealth were key.....

To help is with that we were assigned cover stories. Ryan (assassin) as backworld noble third cousin twice removed from our noble host, Tim nice but incredibly dim. Ron (arbite) as dour bodygaurd, Charlie (tech priest) as advisor / scribe with myself (black hearted psyker) as JESTER! 

Oh the fun to be had, especially with my newly acquired imperial tarot. Pick a card, any card....oops that ones a Spasm :)

Arriving and settling in we spent most of the session questioning our hosts. The latest disappearance was thier ward who was active within the church "finding herself". We were particularly worried that we were facing an incursion of Welsh!!

Digging further we established that the choir focused mainly on recruiting the wealthy, who made regular donations, occasionally running the odd soup kitchen for the lower reaches but concentrating mainly on high end social events. Hmm maybe not so Welsh then.

It was an upcoming social that our hosts, who didn't seem overly bothered by thier ward's absence, had arranged us invites for. So while Ryan practised his dance moves the rest of us came up with various potential leads for Mr C to have to fill for us :) 

Fairly basic stuff like access to the local Magistrates investigation records and tracking down the Choir's bank accountants. If only we could have flashed our badges about but no dice there though Mr C did have a look of resignation. We did manage to avoid any Orange Blancmange moments :)

So no chance yet to put our new gear to use though I'm now warming to the idea of creating the most macabre Jester that I possibly can.

Should be fun :)

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