Monday, 1 July 2013

Dark Future?

Quick one tonight gents and gents as I've finally finished off Mr C's remaining Chaos Cultists primarily for use with Dark Heresy. This is despite sinking a bit more time into the Thieves Guild on Skyrim recently :)

Same patchwork set of colours drabbed down, the blue seems to come through strongest, much as with the previous set, which overall I'm pretty happy with despite vague concerns that I had one too many colours in the palette at one point.

Anyway, all done and 24 Painting Points on the slate for the month. Just Dreadball stuff left on the list now, two teams, some odds and sods and the pitch all of which are coming along. The real decision will be what to go for afterwards......probably SAGA / LOTR Orcs, Uruks and Gobbos.

Did get an update from Zombiecide 2 the other day suggesting slightly earlier shipping towards the end of August,...that'll be a zombie or a hundred then :)

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