Monday, 22 July 2013

Social Climbers

Afternoon all, happy Monday?

A bit more Dark Heresy last Thursday night and we finally got to employ some of our new toys as things warmed up a bit :)

Sent by our employer, Lord Strophies aka Mr Stroppy, to meet his local investigator we ended up at a mid-hive hard mans pub "The Barking Saint". Cue a bit of group paranoia and an extended recce of the joint that caused great confusion, mainly for Mr C. Eventually our back-water Noble just rolled in and asked for our man by name....and was taken straight to him!

Taken to his private booth negotiations started poorly, at the business end of his Bolt Pistol, and didn't get much better from there. Admitting to holding an encrypted data-slate and a number of influential enemies our man seemed set on stalling any hand over for another two days despite our repeated insistence as to otherwise.
Rejecting his offer, trust is such a fickle thing, we ended up with my goodself attempting my best Jedi mind-tricks in following him from the pub to a local hab-zone. Hanging back I watched him retrieve a case from a dead-drop and just as we began to move in......his head exploded! (this time it was nothing to do with me).

Watching on his Doc Oc assassin lept down from his hidden vantage point, snatched up the case and legged it on his four bionic mechandrites with the four of us in hot pursuit. Despite getting a decent Spasm off and Ryan taking a lump out of his head with his newly acquired sniper rifle he clambered up to the hab-dome roof and safety despite our curses.

The one winner from all this was Rob, who plundering Mr Headless has suddenly acquired a Bolt Pistol complete with a couple of mags, there was some other stuff but nothing else that he could hug, stroke and whisper sweet nothings too each night before bed. No girl's name just yet but this is expected ;)

Heading back up spire we diverted off plot to the local Arbites office to blag a look at the investigation file for our lost lass quoting Lord Stroppys employ. A suitably impressive lump of print-outs was landed in front of us that was heavily redacted but at least showed that the local lads in Carapace knew thier way around an auto-quill, or at least knew a floating cherub that does.

While we were at it we also stopped in at the church that our missing lass used to attend. Ryan played Tim Nice-But-Dim to a tee flashing ignorant cash for near instant enlightenment whilst I grinned manically as his spiritual adviser "that would be an ecumenical matter". Loaded with pamphlets and an invite to an intro session the next afternoon (bring your own raffia) we also got a go on one of the Churches Happy-o-Meters.

You see Mr Headless had previously acquired several of these devices for Lord Stroppy and the circuitry inside found to be both xenos and matching the single unburnt fragment of Aristicus' ill fated Imperial Tarot. Our working theory to date is that the Church use these to detect latent psykers and then recruit them in to be vessels of possession. A working thesis but you know how much we like to hang on to them!

So, we were a little perplexed when our, and especially my, readings came back somewhat background. Must be a set-up.....obviously ;)
Vaguely placated we headed back to Stroppy Towers and got all dolled up for that evening's Church of Possessed Latent Psykers dinner & dance fundraiser hosted by the highly placed Lady Belladonna. Just two tortured souls per table of ten! 

No black tie, more Incandescent Glow-Suits...not so sure it'll catch on myself but then I'm not Gok Wan. Poncing about the place we groped around ineffectually for further leads. Chatting to a flunky we worked out just how high in the Church hierarchy Lady B sat, lets just say its and impressive view!

Just as vague boredom was kicking in and I was looking for a subtle way to manifest as a Daemonhost (JOKE) out came the bubbly before the main toast....,along with Mr C's fiendish plan!

Ryan guzzled his down straight off with the rest of us told that if we'd had a real life drink from the kitchen
that we'd done the same. As group licensed nutter I passed my Psiescence test and worked out that the bubbly had a warp signature complemented by a mixer of tortured soul. Whilst all of us went a quick happy trip, a quick round of Toughness tests ended with a squiffy bunch of investigators and a newly addicted black-hearted paranoid with which point the group had something of a "Custard Doughnut" moment.

After a bit of a re-jig and a little bit of "honest feedback" the result was much the same. One of the guests was second in command to the Sector Governor and looking round ready to Spasm the glass from his hand he had thankfully waved his glass away. Looking for anybody else who might need saving I restrained myself, SHOCK, HORROR, whilst Charlie took a sample for later analysis.

Seeing the evening out behind stilted smiles and blurry some of staggered off into the night with at least one of us plotting a serious dose of questioning for Lady B.

I'll try not to puke on her shoes......probably ;]

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