Monday, 12 August 2013

Roleplay Week: Monday

 Afternoon people,

Continuing on from my previous post this week the stars have aligned to deem this Roleplay Week, which is no bad thing by the way.

This evening Rich J will be kicking off a Star Wars Edge of the Empire (EotE) with a number of us via the technological marvel that is Google Hangouts, which we've tried previously to great success. Tomorrow night at the club Rich J will be kicking off a Star Wars Edge of the Empire (EotE) with a number of us via the rather less technological marvel of sitting around a table with a bunch of dice, paper and pencils plus a selection of higly calorific sugary goodness, which we've tried previously to great success.

Thursday night will be Dark Heresy at casa Mr C and should be interesting after all the shenanagins last time out causing a near player revolt. Backlash is a real probability.

Rich always does a particuarly good job wih write ups so I'll just provide the relevant links once they're up. What I am going to do is continue my/our voyage through me/you/us becoming a better role-player.

First up would be character generation then. EotE comes across as a pretty open and flexible system and it is. Having had a browse through there seemed to be quite a bit of overlap between the various classes and careers. It also felt a bit like there were a number of obvious archetypes i.e. the Bothan Diplomat, Rodian Pilot, Wookie Marauder etc etc. Having my second proper go at generating my own character, rather than picking up a pre-gen, I fancied something a bit atypical firtsly to push myself as a player and second to see if the system allowed.

As such I've gone for a Trandoshan Politico, Bo-Lahn Krassk, on the basis that every race must have Nobles / Ambassadors and thats how I intend to play him, as a Noble fallen on hard times and forced out into the fringe but determined to return. I see him as semi-paladanic but with a ruthless streak that could turn crime lord depending on how the cards fall. Generation took a bit of jiggery pokery but all came together in the end with Mr C's help after his initial scepticism.

I've concentrated on all of the soft skills maxing stats and ranks for Charm, Decieve, Leadership, Streetwise etc to turn him into something of a sharp operator.

His natural Brawn and a rank in Melee means he still retains a strong arm when needed and a Force Pike, Staff of Office, for when negotiations stall. He will, however, look to stun rather than kill wherever possible, which I can see bringing him into conflict with Mr C's glory boy Bounty Hunter almost immediately but I'm sure that's half of the fun ;]

Obligation and background is important within EotE and putting some extra work in here will surley help me get a lot more out! Bo's obligation is to his family.

The Krassks were once an influential clan of Trandosha acting as power brokers with a number of the clan obtaining substantial jagannath (honour) points as hunters of great repute. This all ended when Bo's brother Jai-Lahn Krassk, an up and coming Bounty Hunter, was ambushed and captured by a slaver gang. Ransomed back to the family the deal went sour and the family were exposed dealing with the slavers, loosing the ransom, Jai, and all of thier jagannath. Cast out into the fringe Bo now searches for his brother convinced that the whole episode was a ruse to bring down his family.

Determined to right those wrongs and restore his family's status Bo would also show his own skills a a hunter in bringing the conspirators to justice. Instilled with his family's code of justice what price redemption? Will the end justify the means?

 So something different for me to play, redemption all round? We shall see :)

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