Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Roleplay Week: Tuesday

Oh I say, top hole old man!
Evening all,

Unfortunately Monday night's EotE had to be postponed at late notice but last night at Enfield Gamers we got the club EotE going with plenty of mugs of tea and a particularly stunning chocolate birthday cake for Mr C.

As previously mentioned I'd set myself up with a Droid Rogue Fixer, Dig-1-T, envisaging him as something of a uber-geek black market dealer of upgraded weapons, armour and cybernetics as well as hacked info to order for the local gangs. Far from a physical specimen he relies on a combination of malicious charm deception and a shot in the back, in fact back-stabbing of any ilk, rather than any form of confrontation.

Picking up the character sheet I realised that I hadn't really finished it off or worked out my full back story and wasn't entirely sure where I'd put all my skill upgrades. On a whim I also decided to play as an R4 Astromech type.......this all proved to be something of a mistake!

As we got into our first encounter I found myself backing off and trying to talk my way out of things. Feeling a certain C3-P0 expectation I went all jolly hockey sticks upper class British, seemed to fit. Moving onto the ubiquitous cantina fight my R4 status became something more of a drag as the rest of the boys did the heavy lifting.

That's a spicy light based crude!
Post bar-fight the soft and tech skills came to the fore and I stepped a bit further into the role a bit whilst also realising that I need to re-jig a few bits and develop the background a touch more for obligation and motivation.

Obligation; picking up a hack job for a relatively new gang of Hutt backed slavers it proved to a sting by Black Sun and Dig-1-Ts found himself on the run from both sides and forced to seek protection from a robot crime lord associated to General Grievous who he'd previously preferred to avoid. He owes big!

Motivation: non of these non mechanicals can be trusted, they design build, use and abuse all droid kind without a single thought! Droid kind needs to stand up for itself and be granted the same galactic rights as any "other" sentient race. As far as Dig-1-Ts is concerned the ends justify the means and he's happy to apply his nefarious skills for the cause, especially his. Having been forced to flee his workshop liberating a few "brothers" along the way will provide further support for the cause, especially his (theme?).


So once again the character is so much more than the stats and skills on the sheet. They need a little bit of refinement as well but they're the means, not the end.

Hear endeth the sermon :)

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