Thursday, 6 February 2014

Aces High?

This Tuesday night down at Enfield Gamers was distinctly aerial with a run out of Wings of War and then a quick blast of ST:AW.

Wings was a four-way continuation of the Battle of Britain campaign a the Germans moved on to launching raids against the the South coast radar stations. Jumping in I started with my two rookie pilots in Hurricanes along with Shado's more experienced chaps. Rich and Damien meanwhile came from newly occupied Frances with a couple of Heinkels and a fighter escort.

The pluck Brits lined up as far from the ME-109s as possible and picked on one bomber at a time. Those Heinkels pack a lot of guns, with a lucky first burst that downed young Chalky Perkins. Thankfully the yellow nosed buggers seemed to have had a heavy night on the Chablis and had a few issues co-ordinating their efforts. 

In short without much air cover not a single bomb was released on good ol' blighty, though a couple of pilots landed without their planes! Good game, simple mechanics, that don't get in the way of the game itself, but plenty of variation and double guessing within it. Home for medals, tea and crumpet!

Skipping on Ian then "lessoned" me with STAW with his flagship Romulan fleet. I've played against Mr C's enough time but Ian tried out a few new things including Romulan Pilot, which had a major effect! I was trying out a 4 ship Klingon build with two Brels and two K'Tingas for plenty of firepower but a touch a fragility. I quite simply never managed to bring it to bear, made a couple of mistakes, forgot a few bits and then rolled some shocking dice!

All in all something of a perfect storm for Ian and a lesson in the power of manouvre for me.......and Flagships!

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