Sunday, 2 February 2014

You got a real pretty mouth!

Evening all,

Standard Sunday night "look at what I've painted" post as I've finished off my SAGA Mordor Orcs. Following Bolg, literally and figuratively, I've gone for a "human" fleshtone with some green washes in there for a bit of a tint.

In fact I've deliberately gone out of my way to paint them up as a dirty, scumbag rabble of inbred scum with a high incidence of shuffling gait and exaggerated overbite. Lots of pre-higlight and wash work which I'm very happy with. So happy in fact that I'm 90% going back to the Uruks to replicator the skin tone as mountain wild men gone even wronger. Will likely have a go at a mix of darker skintones as a nod to their "heritage".

So another 32 PPs and just the Goblin levy to go for the generic 6 point force of proper scum. I'm thinking lots of leathers for these chaps as the models have a lot of armour that is simply not representative of their station in life!

So far I haven't sorted any banners or musicians.....duelling banjos anyone :)


  1. Good job. They look great.

  2. Cheers dude, I've almost got the Uruks re-done, just washes to go, and I can't beleive how good they look. Well pleased! No idea how I never thought of this before, just one of those lucky stumbles :)