Monday, 17 February 2014


As I was a bit lazy last night welcome to "What I Painted Last Week" Monday featuring A Few Uruks More.

But I digress.....

First up any Warband needs a Shaman to look after it's spiritual well being and dig around in a variety of entrails to guide his Warlord's sword arm. I particularly enjoyed the paint-job going for quartered woad and white as nods to both sides of the historical / fantasy house. I also rather like his flayed loin-cloth complete with hand. I imagine that the pouch holds runes of multiple uses.

As a fairly standard rousing sword waver this chap has Trusty Lieutenant written all over him. Solid but not overly dynamic he probably quite happily leads a group of Heartguard and is quite happy with his lot in life. Reave, pillage, eat, sleep, repeat. Probably prime logistic manger material!

Fairly sure this is Ugluk, a natural born second in command either loyal to the hilt or constantly plotting a coup that doesn't involve him having to go toe to toe with Bolg. The figure lends itself to painting very well, even manged a few lowlight reds in the lining of his great-coat. Sure that must be an elf he's waving around, or just a peasant!
For some reason Grishnak was something of a diva in front of the camera but we got there eventually. He's come up as even more of a cantankerous old git than he does in the film. He'll definitely be employed herding the Gobbo Levy into battle.
And finally the first few Fatigue marker. Got a few more of these on the way and a bunch of kite shields from Rich to pile up.

So, 8 Painting Points for the lot sits just about right, just need to get the Gobbos done and then some games!

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  1. Looking good. Going to be an excellent Warband.