Saturday, 8 February 2014

I've watched R2-D2 knock one out!

Was just one of the several apparent Freudian slips featuring in this Wednesday's fortnightly instalment of Star Wars EotE.

NOTE: I've decided to try and make there write ups easier by using character names only, there's a a hopefull handy key on the right.

Back with the same group of four as last time out the chaps toddled off to Ronson Heavy Chemicals on the trail of Kanto the Toydarian terror.

Initiating Vague Plan A the lads did the once around the plant and the local area. With Ronsons they were particularly keen to locate the security cameras. Very sensible, Perception rolls please.
So...all four of you manage to fail, though Sindori starts a trend for the evening by failing with FIVE advantage! Erm...WTF!
Relying on good old GM making stuff up on the spot Sin didn't notice a single camera but did manage to notice;
- The relative layout of the admin, production and loading blocks
- The make up of the workforce and distinctly separate security
- The freshly repaired industrial shredder that looked like it had recently had a fight with a speeder 
- The tech called in to try and repair the recently malfunctioning company protocol droid

Cool, didn't expect that one by dealt with after a bit of thought which is the real beauty of the EotE dice.

Coming up with Vague Plan B Agenai decided to go knocking for work with 7-UP-0 in tow. Breezing in against all expectation the interview didn't go too well, mainly due to a lack of cover story. Apparently just being Transdoshan or being fluent in 6 million forms of, including binary, doesn't really cut it when operating heavy machinery.

Throwing a bone Agenai "negotiated" 7-UP-0 a one day trial in the office. On the way out he realised that such things as day rate, terms and conditions etc had passed him by, "I've been mugged of there!". Yes, mainly by yourself though 7-UP-0 has a nice shiny restraining bolt and a full system check sans charge!
Meanwhile Sindori and Perit were keeping a watchful eye on the street and noticed a second set of watchers one of whom clocked Sindori, Sucess with Threat, and slid off round the corner of a nearby cantina. Sin followed to find him chatting to a similarly garbed Barabel both of whom gave him the stink eye.

Not being one for subtlety Sin went route 1 in a first contact sort of way, refusing to take no for an answer, and something of a barney ensued. Cue further random EotE dice as the Barabel brawled with a Triumph and net Advantage but with a Failure actually failed to hit!

This isn't a complaint, quite the opposite, it just gives more scope which for decent players prepared to put in a bit of effort is a big plus.

Long story short Bad Lad 1 legged it, with suspicious messenger bag, as the Barabel fought a delaying action before staggering after him after a proper ding-dong with Sin. Meanwhile, Bad Lad 3 got permanently dropped by Agenai while Bad Lad 4 demonstrated just how effective Perit's Tranq- Rifle can be!

All of this did set off a few alarms in the Ronson security station but 7-UP-0 was obviously enjoy his servicing far too much and failed to notice on a repeated basis.

Cue a rapid exit stage right to a symphony of jack boots and barked commands.

So, that's Ronsons successfully infiltrated  by the group's medic, plus restraining bolt, a rival group identified, the announcement of their presence and a heavily bruised Sindori.

Success, Failure, Advantage or Threat? You tell me!

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