Sunday, 31 August 2014

A solitary Bothan who has no inention of dying!

Hello people.

This Wednesday night we got back to a bit if Star Wars EotE action with a change of venue and an updated cast. Moving to casa Oddleg, Ian has had to drop out for the foreseeable while Ryan has moved further afield with the plan being for him to continue with Google Hangout.

Meanwhile Jon had rejoined the group, as Tanner Voss a Human Force Sensitive Slicer, with Rich also likely to be recruited, probably as his favoured cousin of Chewy.

Picking up from last time out the boys had two leads outstanding at Sal's Salvage and with a Bothan fixer of some repute. Sal sent 7s a message reminding him of the favour owed, to Sal, and suggesting that he may have found something that they'd want. The rest of the lads not trusting anything that 7s thought was a good idea decided that they were going to see the fixer!

Said contact was identified as Furzt Van Weston a dilettante of some repute and a known regular at the Bothawai Bothan Revue Bar a high class Gentle-persons establishment on the higher floors. As such the lads dropped back to HI-HI for some more presentable duds, sans armour, at which point they also traded in R4, who continued to work on the hack, for Tanner. There wasn't a long teary goodbye seen with 7s :)

Leaving the heavy artillery at home, though Sin was still toting mini-arsenal, they made their way to the Revue Bar and dropped Van Weston's name with security.....who showed them to the security scan.
Rob tossed his blaster in a locker, 7s wasn't carrying while Tanner tried sneaking in his Data Slice.....and failed with some major Advantage...........which put the scanner on the fritz for Sin to stroll through with his pistol, electro knuckles, knife and stun grenade!
A more formal dress code!
Escorted inside the chaps were informed that they had 45 minutes to err.....kill before Van Weston would be able to see them so what to do?
- Sin found himself an hangers on game of Sabacc and after a couple of hands won big , rather narking off a fellow patron only to loose most of his stash a few hands later.
- Tanner just HAD to find himself an panel to hack......ANY panel. Using Sin's bad looser as cover he managed to get into the main system locating a mystery un-named set of files but no dice in the time that he had.
-  7s actually had a good idea sending mug-shots of various bigwigs back to HI-HI for identification. He didn't even get caught, though Tanner's efforts helped out.
- Perit sat at the bar having a drink and acting as lookout
Appearances can be deceptive!
Getting in to see Furzt he came across as a dilettante extraordinaire with a leary get up and even learier "companions". Once alone the lads went for a fairly aggressive negotiation strategy. headed by the "brains trust" of Sin and 7s....... Opening with the line of "we know what you've been up to" with only partial information and / or recall probably isn't the best idea when dealing with someone who makes their living in shady circumstances primarily by their wits when they likely know a bit more than you :/

Five minutes later the tables and the line of questioning had entirely turned as Van Weston switched the questions around the group to disrupt their unprepared bluff. Very soon 7s bottom lip relay was at full oscillation "I don't like him very much". Not a problem really as I'm fairly the sure the feeling was mutual!

Strangely it took Tanner, as new boy, to step in and clear the air by coming clean about what they knew and by that method;
- The data files to be sold via Von Weston are currently in R4 who is back at HI-HI
- HI-HI don't, currently, know about Kanto's extra curricular activity or the files within R4
- HI-HI don't, currently, know that Jared is the power behind Kanto's hacking throne

As such Van Weston suggested that there are a number of options available with three sets of "merchandise" the data files, Kanto and Jared and a number of interested parties to trade with and through. That's a myriad of potential options.

Ushered out to consider their options and return the next evening, the lads have some serious thinking to do. Not always their strongest suit :)

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