Saturday, 9 August 2014

Burning Down the House!!

Once again last Wednesday was EotE night with another slight change of cast as Sindori emerged from his extra long Bacta-Bath while Agenai got an Obligation related call from his and so was temporarily unavailable for the evening.

So, after last time out the chaps finally got round to letting themselves into Ronsons, which took a little longer than expected....

Rolling round to the back door 7's was already taking an instant dislike to R4-X2, "bucket of bolts" was muttered a few time, demoting their super-hacker droid to gaurd duty and the grunt work. Faced with a rear door and a roller shuttered storage unit 7's  did work out that the door had a holo-shielded panel and even managed to NOT set off the attendant alarms.
Eventually busting into the storage unit, thanks to R4, 7s deactivated the holo-shield and all of the shop's Mag locks. Hacking the lock Sindori took point, checking whether the alarm system had been deactivated, NOPE, and then wandering in anyway!
Sin and Perit got on with a quick bit of "asset liberation" while 7s tried to engage hacker-mode on Jared's workstation, leaving R4 out back on lookout duty. A couple of botched Computer checks later Sindori had noticed heavy footed movement in the lobby and remembered to old War Droid which was now advancing toward the security airlock....which operated on Mag locks.....

Once the lads had R4 re-engage the Mag locks they set to him to work on Jared's workstation while they returned to "asset liberation" and 7s took cover.......behind R4's position. After an ominous set of whirrings War Droid smashed its way through the security screen just as R4 caught a load of feedback and shot backwards from a rapidly forming short circuit.
Everyone paused waiting to see what happened next..........7s, the protocol / medical droid, opened fire on War Droid (set to stun, which apparently makes a difference!) quickly catch an enhanced return. It wouldn't have been so bad but he'd already pulled a load of Strain getting in so he hit the floor with a clang. Sin and Perit had meanwhile collected a variety of specialist ammo plus a sniper scope and pistol kit respectively and headed for the back door. leaving 7s to it!

That left just R4 to try and collect 7s on his way out. It didn't look good as he deployed his grapple attachment on the way past.........for a big bunch of Success to send sparks flying as he dragged 7s down the road. Sin and Perit meanwhile tag-teamed War Droid, whilst catching some return Auto-Fire to bring him down and rupture a fuel cell.....adding significant fuel to a recently started fire.

With Tinsons grilling nicely the lads found a backstreet noodle bar to heal up while R4 brought 7's back up online and worked through the data packets he'd downloaded. In short;
- Kanto had been employed by Ronsons to upgrade thier data security
- Jared was the real hacker, Kanto set him hacking "games"
- Kanto found something interesting, "special projects", attempting to blackmail Ronsons
- Kanto was setting up a deal to sell Intel to a local Fixer

So all in all, not too bad a result with at least two out of three of the lads playing to their strengths. I'm sure you can work out the remaining member! So who's a "rusty bucket of bolts" now then ;)

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