Monday, 4 August 2014

Just In Time

A concept I learnt about at Uni so many years ago when vaguely studying Manufacturing Systems about work-flow and resource management. As I occasionally do I took 10 minutes the other day to scribble down my various projects in an attempt to work out what I've got time for and more specifically what I might invest in. As such;

Current Projects:
Bolt Action Commandos - approx 40 figs

Back Burners:
SAGA Lotr - Troll and some markers
Moderns & Sci Fi- approx 12 figs

Soon to Arrive:
Dreadball S3 (New Year) - feck loads
Warhammer Quest 25 (New Year) - 50+?
Pulp City (New Year?) - 12 figs

Long Term:
AWI Skirmish - approx 50 figs
Zombiecide - fecking feck loads
12mm Modern Russians - can't quite remember

I have to admit that lead mountain has been reduced substantially over the past couple of years but that's still plenty to be getting on with. More to the actual point of this exercise, what can I afford to add, more in terms of time rather than money?

As previously mentioned Infinity: Op Icestorm is proving somewhat alluring. I've also just pre-ordered Tank War with myself and Rich looking to move to 15mm for it as well as larger games of general Bolt Action.
So...Two projects, that I've sold to myself on various levels of current multi use, with comparative levels of investment. £60 gets me Icestorm or a British tank company (Plastic Soldier Company) with the opportunity to expand at my deluded leisure.
Time wise I reckon I've got until the New Year we feels like it should accommodate both projects...... 

Decisions ;)

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