Thursday, 28 August 2014

Wagon ROLL!!

Afternoon all,

As threatened the Bank Holiday has allowed some bonus brush-time whcih I've put to decent use finishing off an M3 Halftrack that I got for my birthday some weeks ago. Built and painted to go with my Commandos I've head-swapped the driver and applied the relevant stowage.

Another enjoyable paint and build it's certainly a sturdy and well thought out kit with plenty of options. Almost a bit of a shame to spoil my Brit only list but it comes in cheaper than a pair of Bren Carriers with capacity for an extra two chaps, which allows for D Section (Assault) to pick up another 2 troopers. Bit of a no brainer really.

Anyway, another 4 Painting Points and I really need to get down to the Infantry squads!

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