Monday, 29 September 2014

3D Supermarionation

Hello people,

As a longtime lunch-break browser of the geek-nerd blog-o-sphere I often come across various items that link with others in a variety of tenuous ways.

As part of my capitulation to X-Wing I've been clicking around INSERT a fair bit and ended up having a look at people's conversions and alternative paint jobs which seem to be fairly prevalent and high end. 
Whilst looking at some excellent interpretations of Phantom TIEs cloaking I noticed that someone had produced a clear version that I initially assumed to be resin. Clicking a few links it actually turned out to be a clear plastic 3D print! From what else I'd read and viewed on various sites 3D prints were available but said to generally be pretty grainy though this lot would seemingly beg to differ. In honesty I'm not so sure how many of "us" would feel comfortable playing with 3D printed figures but all of a sudden the future seems a lot more immediate.

On a related note I'm looking a my first X-Wing tourney on Saturday. As I'm looking to go Scum, once they're released, I'm looking at a list of Y-Wings and Z-95s so that I get some table-time in with them. Even having played a fair bit of STAW I expect to be learning at an accelerated.....or spanked!!

We shall see :)

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