Monday, 15 September 2014

Illuminations - prt 2

Hello people,

I don't really do un-boxing, as popular as they are amongst so many of my fellow bloggers, but this once is a little different, vaguely review-ish, and hopefully of some actual purpose / value ;)

So my portable / stowable lightbox kit turned up at the end of last week and I've finally had the chance to have a play. Not a lot of instructions but then it is all rather self explanatory. The stowed pack is only a little bigger than an average laptop bag and no thicker, it's definitely as advertised in that regard. The only fly in the ointment is that you you need two 2-pin converter plugs, one for each lamp, which I hadn't realised.
Setup is quick and easy with velcro holding everythign in place securely including the backing cloth. I did find the camera stann too tall for figures, no great surprise, so went with my trusty bendy mini version that allows me to get the camera down to figure level. With only one lamp I also used my painting daylamp, which seemed sensible.
Overall, before even taking a single shot I'm pretty pleased. This has been far less effort than my previous rather jury-rigged setups and is giving me far more confidence of a much better set of photos.  

First test-shot comparison was the recently completed M3 Halftrack, both taken with the proper camera, and it feels like I can already see the rather huge difference. So much more depth of colour and definition.
However moving on to the PIAT and Sniper teams here are the before and after shots though you should bear in mind that thsi is also phone camera vs camera and I'm sure I can do better with the lightbox focus with a bit of practice.
Yeah, not so great with the focus but once I get that sorted everything will be golden. Think I finally have this one sorted, after several efforts. All good :)

Meanwhile A and B sections are base-coated and washed. As is so often the case I've left all the rankers to last on this project but it's gettign there. After this one I will not be looking to paint too many more Commando backpacks for a while :)

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